Corona vs. Tribostatic Powder Coating Gun


Which is one of the best for Powder Coating?

When attempting to pick a powder coating gun you might be put right into a scenario the place you must select which sort of powder gun that can work greatest to your utility. On this article we might be discussing the Corona vs. Tribostatic powder coating weapons and their main benefits/ disadvantages.

Corona Powder Gun

The way it works:

Corona powder weapons are probably the most used within the powder coating business. These weapons work by electrically charging the powder because it passes by means of the gun with a excessive depth cost. You then have a floor lead connected to the piece you’re coating which supplies the piece a detrimental cost. The powder has a excessive cost popping out of the gun, which is interested in the grounded piece making the powder adhere.


The corona powder coating gun actually has just one main drawback which is the faraday cage impact. This normally happens when you have got plenty of deep contours or twists in your piece. These contours can mess with each other by sharing a electrostatic cost inflicting the powder to not adhere in these areas. Eastwood has helped with this downside by providing a Twin Voltage Gun. Due to this fact when in these areas you possibly can decrease the powder kilo-volts serving to to not make this occur.


There are lots of benefits to utilizing the corona powder coating gun. An important is that you’ll be able to use principally each kind of powder in these weapons, which makes it extremely versatile. One other profit to utilizing this gun is that it has no parts to wear down just like the tribostatic gun. Which makes cleansing it quite a bit simpler as a result of all you must do is solely blow the gun out, and also you’re executed.

Tribostatic Powder Gun

The way it works:

The tribostatic gun is the lesser used gun within the powder coating business. This is because of many alternative components. The tribostatic gun works by having the powder go by means of an insulated conductor on the tip of the gun the place the powder will get a excessive depth cost. This gun is much like the corona as a result of it additionally makes use of a floor lead that you just connect to the piece that makes the powder stick.


The rationale behind this gun getting used the least within the powder business is usually due to its disadvantages. One in every of it largest flaws is that its a ache to wash. With the insulated conductor charging the powder, you must fully disassemble the gun when completed to wash out all the powder. Not simply this, however the insulator can also be a consumable, which suggests you’ll have to substitute it. Whereas the corona type doesn’t have a consumable. One other main drawback of the tribostatic is that you’re solely ready to make use of sure powders with it, making it solely in a position to make the most of particular powders.


Though the disadvantages appear to out weigh the benefits of this gun, there may be really a bonus to utilizing this method. For the reason that powder passes by means of the conductor, it is ready to higher cost the powder, making the faraday cage impact much less prone to happen when powder coating.


Every of those weapons have their professional’s and con’s. As you possibly can see by means of our comparability most lean in the direction of the corona powder coating gun, however we’ll allow you to determined which works greatest for you. Eastwood gives an amazing gun at an amazing worth for those who’re trying to attempt a corona. Merely click on right here to test it out.

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