1st test Mercedes GLB: Prototype passenger ride preview


The Mercedes GLB comes in late 2019 and joins GLA and GLC in the ever expanding German SUV line-up. The international media has currently had the privilege of testing the new SUV in Sweden.

Mercedes is presently evaluating the pre-production model of the new GLB in winter circumstances, to give the final touches. “We are presently testing the whole automobile, we do not test a precise program right here, but we appear at the whole automobile and see what the automobile will later do what the consumer expects from the automobile.” reports Jochen Eck, Head of the Total Car Compact at Mercedes.

This involves comfort options such as heating and air conditioning. It has to function just as reliably at -25 degrees as at +five degrees. “This morning we noticed that the windows of the GLB fog when it is completely loaded, which really should not be so organic, the heating program has to dry the interior in the shortest attainable time even in circumstances like right here,” says Jochen Eck. Such complications can later lead to aggravation for the finish consumer, so the testing in the far north brings them to light. Mercedes will once again enhance in locations like this, but till the marketplace launch in late 2019 there is nonetheless some time.

So far, Mercedes showed only the study of the new GLB SUV, created on the A-Class modular MFA II platform. It was presented at the Auto Shanghai 2019 in China.

The GLB is reminiscent of a shrunken GLS. This is specially correct for the side view. Brief overhangs, tiny beads and folds – all according to the existing style philosophy of Mercedes. The brawny look of the off-roader is underlined by the underrun protection and the prominent shoulders at the rear.

Apart from the wooden moldings and the numerous leather components on the dashboard, on the door panels and in the boot, the interior of the Shanghai notion is created close to the series model. The cockpit with the most recent MBUX infotainment program is reminiscent of the A and B-Class, only the door handles are extra distinctive.

The GLB joins GLA and GLC. It is primarily based on the A-Class with a lengthy wheelbase and extra track width, but appears considerably bigger and extra spacious than the compact automobile. We had been not permitted to get in however, but Mercedes has revealed a thing about the gear. In the simple version there is only the second row of seats with folding backrests, which can be divided in the ratio 40:20:40. For a surcharge of 400 euros, this row of seats is variable. It can then move longitudinally 14 centimeters – forwards nine and back 5 centimeters. An adjustable backrest angle in eight levels brings further comfort. Who pays a surcharge of 1000 €, gets subsequent to the variable second row a third row of seats with two person seats. These are absolutely only intended for modest individuals, but offer you USB ports and cup holders.

Of course, the trunk is smaller sized with the optional third row of seats, but thanks to a deep sill, it can be loaded effectively. Due to the split taillights the trunk cutout is fairly significant.

The Mercedes GLB will be launched in Germany at the finish of 2019 – with a equivalent variety of engines as we know from the A- and B-Class. It is specific that the recognized from the A 250 4-cylinder with 224 hp will uncover its way into the GLB. The 4-wheel drive gets 3 driving modes, which distribute the force differently on front and rear axle. In the base, on the other hand, the GLB will be equipped with front-wheel drive. Later follows with the AMG GLB 35 a sporty variant with 306 hp. For the simple version, Mercedes will possibly ask at least 38,000 euros in Germany.