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Is not it sad to assume that the only vehicle Lancia now tends to make is a 69hp, two-door city vehicle referred to as the Ypsilon. A vehicle which is only sold in the Italian domestic industry.

When a brand synonymous with technological advancements, luxury and sportiness, today Lancia is in the toilet. But how could this have even occurred? Lancia should be a single of the unluckiest brands out there, but the reality is that automakers do fail.

The a single saving grace right here is that Lancia isn’t dead and buried.

Its parent enterprise Fiat (or the FCA Group to be precise) are maintaining Lancia alive with the Ypsilon, probably till they figure out what the hell to do with it. If they wanted to kill it off absolutely, I’m specific it would have already happened.

When Fiat acquired Chrysler it was all about pulling itself and the brands that came with it out of the red. The man in charge, Sergio Marchionne, place in spot a plan of attack that brought back earnings and in the process made choices that are gradually creating Alfa Romeo fantastic after once more.

However, Marchionne passed away final year, so who knows what’s in retailer for Lancia, if something at all. I genuinely hope the brand revival was component of his master strategy, even though. With existing Lancia values soaring (a 1992 Delta Integrale Evo not too long ago sold for €120,000 at an RM Sotheby’s auction) new Lancia efficiency vehicles may well be the only way a lot of persons will get to practical experience this brand.


But as opinionated enthusiasts we must make ourselves heard when it comes to items we are passionate about. In this case, we will need to get on the bandwagon and assistance the #makelanciagreatagain movement till FCA realizes there’s a myriad of Lancia models they could resurrect.

Of course, they’d will need to do them appropriately, just like they’ve performed with the Alfa Romeo Giulia and its Quadrifoglio version, the 4C, and the planned sports vehicles that are rumored to be coming in the next few years.


I’ll do my component by reminding everybody what fantastic tiny vehicles Lancia made use of to make. Models like the Fulvia, and in specific this Coupé instance competing in the recent 2019 Marronnier Run.


As the badges at the back announce, this is the Rallye 1.three HF version, which was the hottest Fulvia you could get your hands on in 1967.


The 1.six HF ‘Fanalone’ version, as equipped with a additional effective version of Lancia’s famous four-cylinder engine and recognisable by its two larger inner headlights, didn’t come till 1969.


This vehicle was even fitted with magnesium alloy Campagnolo wheels wrapped in modern day Pirelli rubber.


The Rallye 1.three HF was a technological tour de force for the time, sporting double wishbones all round and disc brakes at every corner. It all added up to a excellent steer by way of the twisties.


Even so, as opposed to its competing models of the day – Alfa Romeo’s Giulia and BMW’s 2002 – the Fulvia was front-wheel drive.


It was the exceptional engineering answer – anything that several Lancias of the previous are identified for – that produced this model standout. ‘Peculiar’ is a superior word to describe Lancia’s V4 engine. Consider of it as a vintage 4-cylinder version of a Volkswagen VR6 engine – an particularly narrow 12-degree angle to the two banks of pistons sharing a prevalent block, but additional interestingly a prevalent head. This meant only two camshafts had been necessary to actuate the intake and exhaust valves for all four cylinders.

Lancia pioneered the V4 engine in 1922 and made use of it all through its lengthy history in a wide variety of models, the Fulvia getting the final a single in 1976. As a side note to all this, let’s not overlook the ‘Triflux’ engine which was a single of the greatest examples of Lancia’s thirst for innovation. The story I wrote about it back in 2013 remains a single of the most preferred on the internet site.

The owner of this Fulvia was so proud of his exceptional powerplant that he even had a technical image displaying the layout.


What appears really crazy to me is the actual positioning of this engine. It is mounted as far forward in the bay as it could be – absolutely in front of the two driven wheels – and sat at a 45-degree angle. That is Lancia for you…

I’ve in no way had the pleasure of driving a Fulvia Coupé like this so I have no concept what the advantage was, but I’d consider it would have to do with boosting traction by way of weight distribution and livening up the rear finish for a tad of mid-corner tuck-in and lift-off oversteer.


But how about understeer? I’ve normally heard persons praise the Fulvia for its handling, so I guess Lancia’s engineers knew what they had been performing.

The interior is very ’60s Italian and has the standard mix of sportiness with a hint of luxury that normally produced Lancias that tiny bit distinct.


The Fulvia joins a lengthy list of vital names from Lancia’s history books – Beta, Gamma, Delta, Aprilia, Aurelia, Appia, Flaminia, Stratos, Montecarlo, and Thema to name a couple of.


The owner even had two detailed models of the Rallye 1.three HF sitting on the dash.


The added Carrello yellow fog lights gave this Fulvia Coupé a accurate rally vehicle appear.


Vincenzo Lancia, a race vehicle driver for Fiat, developed and engineered his initially vehicle – the Lancia Alfa 12 HP – in 1907. The vehicle entered production in 1908 and more than 100 had been sold, some made use of for racing. The rest is history, all 111 years of it. Now it is up to FCA to make this after epic brand fantastic once more.

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