MotorWeek Requires A Quite Harsh Stand On The 1987 Porsche 924S


Did They Just? MotorWeek Requires A Quite Harsh Stand On The 1987 Porsche 924S

We enjoy the old MotorWeek testimonials for the reason that they genuinely are the ideal complete video appear at the automobiles of yore. These guys did not reduce corners in their testing and they had been methodical in how they did stuff. They normally seemed to handle to locate the excellent in items that the rest of us would in all probability blow off. They seldom took a swipe at a automobile, even if it was just a light a single, but in the case of the Porsche 924S they tested 1987, John Davis and his band of merry guys really type of hammer this point. Gradually at very first and then with a line that is quite devastating, in terms of MotorWeek speak.

“Well we ought to point out that you can get automobiles with a lot of their capabilities for thousands less…”

WOAH…..Sound the alarm! That is a complete on bitch slap for these guys, in particular in the 1980s. But they had been proper. This point was essentially a VW/Audi components bin automobile that gave them license to stick a Porsche badge on and charge yuppies a ton of revenue to personal for status purposes only. They take the edge off the slap by essentially saying, “Hey, it nevertheless says Porsche on it, so that is cool…right? Am I proper?”

You do not see a ton of these automobiles floating about and we’re guessing that is for the reason that they had been highly-priced but not crushingly so to start off with so the trickle down and worth loss was in all probability steep. Ending up in the hands of folks that thrashed them till they had been merely a rolling carcass, they are essentially disappeared from the automotive landscape. The ones that are about do not command a lot of revenue and they do not command a lot of overall performance or notice either so that tends to make sense.

This is a exciting watch and an interestingly vital take on this German “sports car”.

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