Scale Ford Escort Mk II created from silver, gold and diamonds


Constructing scale model vehicles is a superb way for enthusiasts to pass the time and “personal” the vehicles of their dreams. They are typically constructed from plastic kits, but 1 jeweler took his adore affair for the Ford Escort to new heights.

The scratchbuilt Ford Escort Mk II noticed right here is accomplished in 1/25 scale and created totally from silver, gold, diamonds, and other valuable stones. The meticulous creation comes from skilled jeweler Russell Lord. The Brit has worked with fine jewelry for decades and owned 55 actual Ford Escorts. He began operate on this miraculous model automobile, which depicts a second-generation Escort constructed from 1974 to 1981, 25 years ago. Particularly, Lord looked to the Escort rally automobile that Ari Vatanen drove in the late 1970s for inspiration.

Ford Escort scale model created from valuable components

Thousands of hours have been spent recreating the Escort. The physique is created from silver, though Lord utilized gold for the brakes and spoiler. The wheels and hood hinges get fancier with 18-carat gold, though the front grille is created totally from 18-carat white gold. The headlights? They are 72-point diamonds, though the turn indicators are orange sapphires. At the rear, the brake lights come to life thanks to actual rubies. 

These components are just the highlights. The engine functions spinning pulleys, a platinum and diamond-encrusted gear selector truly moves in the cockpit, and the windows are created from actual glass. Lord spent hours smashing vases to make pieces of glass that mimic the precise curve of the Escort’s windows.

Ford Escort scale model made from precious materials

Ford Escort scale model created from valuable components

Even even though Lord place 25 years into constructing the masterpiece, he’s going to element strategies with it. The scale model will be auctioned at the automobile auction web site on Might two. Lord invested extra than $100,000 in components into the construct, so the model may well fetch extra than any complete-size Escort ever could. All proceeds will go to charity.