Mobile Tear Down Table for Residence Shop


Effortless mobile assembly table for Engines, Transmissions and Additional.

Eastwood’s heavy-duty tear down table has currently develop into a staple in most dwelling shops. It is excellent for diving into bigger projects and it is also superior for these with restricted space or smaller sized projects like motorcycle engines or even lawn gear. We’ve created a transportable answer. Our compact transportable tear down table is excellent for the DIY hobbyist or even weekend warrior.

This tear down table consists of a steel frame structure that can assistance up to 250 pounds very easily handling compact engines like this dirt bike engine. The powder-coated perform surface with an integrated drain is tough against harsh chemical compounds. Fluids gather in a solvent resistant basin till prepared for right disposal.

Two storage shelves on the unit are handy for maintaining each tools and spare components on hand for the duration of your project.

This all sits atop 4 inch swivel casters that make it uncomplicated to move about the shop or when you have to have to shop it. Absolutely nothing beats a committed perform surface for tearing down oily, messy components although nonetheless getting in a position to move it about the shop creating our transportable tear down table a need to-have in the garage.