Pre-Trip Car Verify Minimizes Thanksgiving Travel Anxiety


Pre-Trip Car Verify Minimizes Thanksgiving Travel Anxiety

Higher website traffic volumes and unpredictable climate make Thanksgiving a stressful time to travel. According to the AAA, the quantity of Thanksgiving travelers will top rated 54 million, the highest travel volume in more than a dozen years. When you can not handle the website traffic or the climate, you can make certain that your car is ready for the trip, says the non-profit Vehicle Care Council.

To reduce pressure and stay away from vacation road trip mishaps, the Vehicle Care Council recommends checking the following products as aspect of a thorough pre-trip car verify.

  • Verify the brake method and make certain the battery connection is clean, tight and corrosion-totally free.
  • Verify filters and fluids, such as engine oil, energy steering and brake and transmission, as nicely as windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.
  • Make sure heaters, defrostersand wipers work effectively. Contemplate winter wiper blades and use cold climate washer fluid. As a basic rule, wiper blades ought to be replaced every six months.
  • Verify the hoses and belts that can turn out to be loose, cracked, brittle, frayed or show indicators of excessive put on.
  • Verify the tires, such as tire stress and tread. Tires ought to also be checked for bulges and bald spots. If snow and ice are a issue in your region, look at unique tires created to grip slick roads.
  • Verify that the gas cap is not loose, broken or missing to protect against gas from spilling or evaporating.
  • Verify to see that exterior and interior lightswork and headlights are effectively aimed.
  • Verify out the Vehicle Care Council internet site and order a totally free copy of the common Vehicle Care Guide for the glove box at This 80-web page booklet is accessible in each English and Spanish.

“If you are due for a tune-up, have it completed prior to heading out for the holidays in order to strengthen engine efficiency and boost fuel economy,” stated Wealthy White, executive director, Vehicle Care Council. “These basic measures will assist retain you on the road and get you safely to your location.”

The Vehicle Care Council is the supply of information and facts for the “Be Vehicle Care Aware” customer education campaign advertising the rewards of typical car care, upkeep and repair to customers. For the most current vehicle care news, pay a visit to the council’s on the internet media space at To order a totally free copy of the common Vehicle Care Guide, pay a visit to the council’s customer education internet site at